If you're a sinner, you will end up in hell.

There are many Christians who believe and teach that if you believe in Christ, it does not matter how you live, you will get to heaven.

This is FALSE TEACHING and contrary to the Bible.

If you have any form of sin in your life, you have everything to fear, until you have repented of that sin.

You will go to hell.

Some Christians also teach that you can never lose your salvation. So you can act anyhow, and your place is still guaranteed in heaven.

This is also false. There is not a shred of evidence to prove that a sinning Christian goes to heaven.

The most popular teaching among Christians today is this:

'If you sin, you will get to heaven, just your reward will be smaller.'

This false teaching allows Christians to sin, and get by without any fear that they will go to hell.

The false teachers have changed the meaning of the bible.

They say that you can get to heaven just by faith without any fruit in your life. They have changed the meaning of the Bible.

Of course you must have fruit in your life otherwise you will go to hell.

If your faith does not remove all sin from your life, it is DEAD.

There are so many Christians who want to bunch themselves together to stop preaching against sin.

In some churches you will not even hear about sin, that we have to repent. Most churches today are just motivational talks about how God can improve your life.

They even say that you cannot repent and cleanse your heart from sin.

All such Christians are GOING TO HELL, who don't tell sinners to repent, and flee from the judgment of God.




Now if you are an unbeliever, and have no connection with the church or the bible, you will also be judged.

You now know the truth, you are without excuse.

There is no such thing as Karma or reincarnation. You will be judged, and if there is sin in your life, you will go to hell.

The only way you can stop sinning is by believing in the REAL Jesus Christ who takes away sins.

Not the false Jesus Christ who you hear preached by false Pastors who just want to improve your life, and not cleanse your heart from sin.

They may even deceive you with miracles.

Jesus is the Saviour because he saves people FROM THEIR SINS.

If the Jesus you have heard about does not do this, then it is a false Jesus and a false church. That Jesus cannot save you at all.

Saying a prayer does not make you a Christian. People in every religion pray.

Even praying to Jesus and preaching does not make you a Christian.

You have to come to God, and confess all your sins to him, and repent of your sins, and get your heart clean before God.

Only then can God accept you. God has made hell for all those who reject him.

I ask you kindly to not reject God, because hell is a terrible place of punishment, which lasts forever. It does not end. You must not go there.

Jesus died for your sins to make your salvation possible, but only if you cleanse your heart from all your wicked ways.

You need to learn about your sins before you can repent of them.

This is why you have to focus your attention to your sins, and not allow your mind to wander.

We have meetings specially designed to focus on your sins long enough so that you can cleanse your heart and get saved.





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